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Warbles Chesterfield Hickenbottom and his evil cousin, Marbles

May 19th, 2011 — 6:40pm

This one has a story behind it. Brian and I were in a Petco one Saturday and I passed by the hamster tanks. There was this one, adorable, show off of a hamster pressed against the glass. I became enamored with him because he looked like he was having a blast. So, I took a few pictures of him and of the other hamster in the tank.

When I got back home, the pictures of the happy little hamster kept sending me into giggle fits. By chance, the other hamster was being a recluse and hiding in his igloo. That’s when I decided that the happy hamster should be called Warbles and the other should be his evil cousin, Marbles. Marbles can’t comprehend how his cousin could be so happy-go-lucky and is very jealous of him for it. So, his mission becomes attempting to teach Warbles a less and cause a great deal of mischief.

I actually edited those two pictures into a very brief intro comic to bring into work and make someone in particular laugh. I still kind of crack up at the quickly drawn eyebrows, monocle and a curly mustache right on top on the hamster and how lame it is.

I took the idea further and sketched Warbles and Marbles out. Marbles decided to change his facial hair between the two. He combs his hair in a different direction now too.



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