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Animation Desk Test 1

March 19th, 2012 — 2:50pm

I purchased two animation apps for my iPad, Animation Desk and Animation HD. I’ll post my tests, because, why the hell not? ¬†This is my first test in Animation Desk. I haven’t played around with Animaton HD yet. So, we’ll get back to that.

I like the feel of Animation Desk. It encourages a free form approach, providing you with a variety of mediums to create in (pencil, crayon, brushes) and no line correction. You may control the opacity and cursor size of your drawing tool. Your default view has an animation desk motif, but you’re able to expand to a full canvas, where you can zoom in and out of your work. Playback speeds include 1X, 1/2X and 1/4X.

You have a Middle Ground and Foreground presented to you upon opening the app. If you’d like, you may also add a background in the File menu. You’re allowed multiple scenes in your project. Projects may be backed up to your desktop, by following instructions found in the Package Manager portion of the File menu.¬†Uploading my animation to YouTube was cinch. I tried e-mailing the results to myself as well. It sent the file as a 640×480 Quicktime file. I found the playback of the file on YouTube to be a little faster than what I saw on my iPad.

There’s a few other tools in the app that I haven’t had a chance to play around with yet, and it looks like you can add sound.

While experimenting in the program, I found myself becoming a little frustrated with the onion-skinning. It’s great that it’s in there, but I sometimes found my frames looking a bit muddied with it turned on. It’d be nice if they cleaned up that feature to the point where it was easy to distinguish your lines on the previous or next frame from the one you’re currently working on.

Having worked with a Master Oxberry camera and pencil test cameras that involved recording to VHS back in college, the concept of being able to work on a tablet and upload immediately still blows my mind.

That’s it for Test 1 with Animation Desk.


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