Goblinfruit Studios

If you haven’t visited the Goblinfruit Studio website yet, you’ve missed out. Carisa Swenson creates fantastically imaginative dolls that manage this fine balance between the bizarre and endearing. A perfect example is her (sold) piece, Tara & Timmy:







All of her critters have an impressive amount of attention paid to them. This one was crafted using fabric, wire armature, glass eyes, glass teeth, mohair and acrylic paint. It lures you in with Tara’s beauty, fitting clothing and perfectly positioned hair. When turned around you’re introduced to Timmy, who provides an awkwardly adorable balance to Tara’s poise and perfection.

Big fan. That’s all I have to say. In addition to the official website. Be sure to keep tabs on Goblinfruit Studio’s facebook page and blog.


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